New Headstones

When choosing a headstone there are many things to consider. Firstly the design, one must insure that the design off your stone is suitable to the cemetery. Each cemetery has its own rules with regards to size and design. A wide range of design options can be found in ‘Our Work’ to view click Portfolio.

The next thing to consider is the material you would like to use. Limestone being the more traditional material, with the Granite and marbles stones requiring less maintenance in the future. Sample of these can be seen below.

Our stone specialists can provide you with any inscription on your new or existing headstone. We will advise on the composition and layout of the inscription or verse you wish to have inscribed.

We can also provide you with the option of placing a ceramic plate with the photograph of your loved one on your new or existing headstone. As well as mounted symbols be they religious or otherwise.

Material Samples

Chips & Cobbles